Publishing House of Electronics Industry PHEI has studied and implemented Xi Jinping’s cultural thought in depth and continuously promoted the internationalization of publishing. As one of the earliest publishing houses in China to carry out copyright trade with foreign organizations, PHEI has always adhered to the internationalization strategy, focused on exploring the domestic and international markets, and cooperated with world-famous publishing houses in copyright trade; it has been awarded the titles of "Advanced Publishing House in National Book Copyright Trade" and "Company of National Science and Technology Publishing House ’Going Global’". It has been listed as"Top 100 Most Influential Publishing House of Overseas Libraries Collection" for ten consecutive years and many of its books have been honored with the national excellent book awards for imported and exported publications.

PHEI values excellent copyright resources, strengthens international cooperation in science and technology, education, humanities, social sciences, children’s and other fields, and actively participates in major international book fairs, and has maintained partnerships with more than 300 publishing companies in more than 35 countries or regions. Our copyright import partners include Pearson Education, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill Education, Elsevier, Cengage Learning, Springer Nature, and many other famous international publishers, and our international influence is constantly increasing.

PHEI actively implements the development strategy of "going out" and continuously exports its products to the international market. PHEI has exported more than 1,800 copyrights in nearly 20 languages, covering science and technology, economics and management and children’s books, etc. Meanwhile, it has established strategic cooperation with publishing organizations in Europe, America and countries along the "Belt and Road" to promote co-publishing, forming a good cooperative partnership, and more than 30 kinds of high-quality books have been selected for national translation subsidy projects.

PHEI will make continuous progress towards internationalization of communication methods, internationalization of publishing resources and internationalization of industrial stories, so as to make greater contributions to the continuous promotion of cultural self-confidence and self-improvement, spreading Chinese voices, and enhancing the influence of the communication power of Chinese civilization.

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